Welcome to Meetups!

To honour this delightful season, we are moving our Zoom meetings to the outdoors! Meetups are a way for us to hangout and see each other in person, while still maintaining social distancing and keeping safe.


Meetups will be every other Monday in Langford, and every other Tuesday in Sooke from 1:00-3:00 pm. See below for the schedule. Please see the calendar that was sent out for Meetup locations. If you didn't receive one and would like to, please email Eirene at


Things to remember for Meetups

  • Please RSVP with Eirene by 3:00 pm, the THURSDAY BEFORE the Meetup. Meetups will only happen if there are at least 2 participants signed up. 
  • Please come prepared for the weather - sun protection if it's hot out, warmer layers if it's cool out.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Be prepared to go for a walk. We won't necessarily be going far, but we'd like these sessions to be somewhat active. We've been cooped up for too long; let's stretch our wings a bit! 
  • There may or may not be washrooms where we are.
  • Meetups may be weather dependent. (I'll make sure to order sunshine but sometimes they're out of stock.) 



  • People will be required to find their own way to the location. No transportation will be available.
  • All meetups are outdoors.
  • Please be respectful and practice social distancing while we are together.
  • Activities are ones that can be done while social distancing, and don’t involve touching shared things with our hands. Please bring hand sanitizer, just in case.
  • Everyone must do a Health Check before coming. If anyone has ANY symptoms, and/or has travelled off Vancouver Island in the past 14 days, they are asked not to attend.
  • Everyone is encouraged to wear masks. As we will be outdoors, and social distancing, masks are not mandatory, but please still bring one, just in case.
  • Please follow the guidelines of public health organizations to manage the spread of COVID-19 and keep ourselves, and each other, safe.
  • Groups will be limited to 5 participants.



July 14 - Sooke


July 20 - Langford


July 28 - Sooke - Cancelled - Eirene will be away at this time. If people still want to meetup, they can connect with each other and make arrangements.


Aug. 3 - BC Day - no meetup 


Aug. 4 - Sooke


Aug. 10 - Langford


Aug. 18 - Sooke


Aug. 24 - Langford