NameDenver Hutchinson
PositionSupported Living
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Phone(604) 365-3187
How many years of Community Support experience do you have?3
How many years of home share experience do you have? (For Home Share Coordinator applicants only)0
Are you fully vaccinated?Yes
Do you have a valid driver's licence?Yes
Do you have a reliable vehicle?
  • Yes
Are you willing to transport participants in your vehicle?
  • Yes
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Cover Letter

I have had a robust educational and occupational background which uniquely qualifies me for working as a support assistant for my brother, James Hutchinson.  Personally, I am highly committed to working with students with diverse needs and backgrounds.  On top of the professional work I am engaged in (listed below), I also provide full time live-in support for an adopted sibling (age 20) with Autism, Global Developmental Delay, and PTSD (among other cognitive and learning disabilities).  My brother joined our family 7 years ago, and throughout his time with us I have acted as his Legal Guardian, his Grade 12 English Teacher and EA, and have been unofficially filling the role of Social Worker now that he is attending college and learning to live semi-independently.

Professionally, I have spent  10+ years working in educational institutions from elementary, to secondary, to undergraduate, to graduate levels, and have often specialized in the care and education of persons with diverse abilities in each of these settings. My occupational work has often focused on providing care and support to the most vulnerable students in educational institutions, requiring a high degree of compassion, intuition, professionalism, creativity, and commitment to confidentiality.  I have spent the greater part of these years both studying and teaching holistic ways of learning that focus on transformational growth and human development.  I have been well-received by every institution I have worked for as a highly personal, motivated, high achieving employee, often being hired to fill multiple roles within an institution and being offered more work than I can reasonably take on.

My Masters Degree, for which I was awarded highest marks in my concentration, focused on Education and Culture, and my thesis was a proposal for a three-fold framework of approaching education in a way that was highly relational, vocationally directed, and deeply transformative (vs. primarily informative), to promote human flourishing. I have worked on educational committees spearheading innovative educational initiatives in Canada and the US, and have worked under and alongside some of the leading experts in theology and culture which has rounded out my perspective on working relationally and pastorally with people of all ages and backgrounds.

I believe all of these experiences make me uniquely qualified to serve any community with excellence, care, and creativity.  I am highly relationally motivated and committed to the flourishing of my students and those under my direct care.

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