“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.”

— Jess Lair

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Zoom Hangouts Schedule

Zoom Hangout sessions happen every Tuesday 2:00-3:00 pm.

Here’s the general outline of what our hangouts follow. Each month the topics and themes change to keep it interesting. If you have ideas of what we can do, please let Eirene know at eirene.bbcs@nullgmail.com.

1st Tuesday of the month – music related (dance party, music videos, karaoke)

2nd Tuesday of the month – arts and crafts (bring your own, or follow along)

3rd Tuesday of the month – stories and sharing (these usually have a topic/theme)

4th Tuesday of the month – movie

5th Tuesday of the month – decided by the group

Our next session is:

Mar. 15A Day in the Life of Me – photo, creative writing or video project

1. PHOTO PROJECT – Take pictures of what it is like to spend a day in your life. Make a slide show of them and add some music if you want to get a bit more creative, or make a booklet or collage with them.

2. VIDEO PROJECT – like the photo project but with videos instead of pictures

3. CREATIVE WRITING PROJECT – You can either document what you do through out the day, or if you want to get a little more creative with your writing you can:

a) Write short poems or haikus for different parts of your days (google “haiku” for instructions on how to write haiku if you don’t already know)

b) Track what you are grateful for throughout the day.

c) Find one or two words for each part of your day. Put them all together and create a story, poem, or word picture (google “word picture poetry” for examples).

4. COLLAGE PROJECT  – Gather random things throughout your day. Create a collage with them. 

Mar. 22Favourite ways you like to chillax – What do you do to relax and let go? What recharges you? Let’s all try it out together

If you’re comfortable with it, bring a relaxing or recharging activity that you can share with the group so we can all try it out for a few minutes. Maybe we’ll learn something new!

Mar. 29 – Yes Day

April – Laughter is the Best Medicine/Live on the Lighter Side

In the spirit of this month, we will start each session with a round of jokes, so bring your favourites!

April 5Silly Dance – dance party to ridiculous music and dancing like no one is watching

April 12You’re such a joker! – Practical Jokes

Play a practical joke on the group, or bring ideas of practical jokes you would like to play on others, or that you have played on others.

Please remember that jokes that hurt other people, physically or emotionally are never funny. There are lots of ways to be funny without making fun of people or hurting people =)

April 19Comedy Show – Bring your comedy act, jokes, or favourite comedy videos

April 26 – Emperor’s New Groove

May – We’re All Super Heros

May 3Super Hero Dance-Off – Please feel free to dress up as a superhero!

May 10I am a Super Hero – Draw or dress up as your own super hero. What are your super powers? What does your outfit look like?

May 17You don’t need to be super to be a hero – Who are your heroes or mentors? Who do you look up to?

May 24 – Mulan (original cartoon)

Zoom is a great way to connect
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